Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions ("Agreement") pertain to your use of this website ("Services"). It constitutes a legal contract between you and LKB Consulting, LLC. Within this Agreement the terms and conditions of said Services will be described and outlined for your benefit, including but not limited to your rights as a user of Services. Accessing and/or using Services constitutes your acknowledgement that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

If at any time you do not agree to what is outlined in this Agreement, the onus is upon you to stop accessing Services or apply any and all advice contained therein. Your use of said Services also constitutes your understanding that the information contained therein is created to be used exclusively for commercial purposes only. Any part or portion of this Agreement which is found to be unenforceable by law or otherwise invalid shall be revised to be brought in compliance with said law or disregarded in and of itself, meaning that the remaining portions of the Agreement still hold merit as being valid and enforceable up to the fullest extent applicable by said law. LKB Consulting, LLC retains the right to pursue any and all options for enforcing what is outlined in this Agreement, and does not waive this right at any time or under any circumstance.

  1. Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances shall LKB Consulting, LLC or its representative be liable for any damages that you incur as a result of you accessing its Services, or applying the information contained therein. This includes damages that are direct, indirect, by intention, or by accident, on your part or on the part of others who acted on your behalf when carrying out said action, or set of actions. The liability of LKB Consulting, LLC shall only be allowed up to the maximum amount made permissible by applicable law.

  1. Disclaimer

LKB Consulting, LLC provides Services in numerous forms of its Services that can be construed as factual or representative advice. LKB Consulting, LLC is not responsible for your failure to perform or adhere to the obligations as specified in this Agreement. Your continued use of the Services suffices as your full understanding of and consent to this disclaimer outlined as such.

  1. Arbitration

You fully consent to any and all claim, controversy, dispute, disagreement, or misunderstanding brought about by the Terms and Conditions outlined in this Agreement being resolved by individual arbiration, effectively waiving your right to a jury trial. Neither you nor LKB Consulting, LLC will be permitted to involved attorneys or other modes of legal representation whether that be in court or in arbitration. No change in situation or circumstance by either party will be grounds for dissolution of this arbitration agreement, including but not limited to bankruptcy, or not using or providing the Services outlined in this Agreement. Decision by either party (meaning you or LKB Consulting, LLC) to bring about a claim, controversy, dispute, disagreement, or misunderstanding are obligated to alert the other party to such decision in writing whether electronically or via physical mail and providing the receiving party a maximum number of days from which to respond in writing, not to exceed 30 calendar days. If deciding to submit communication via regular mail, please address it to :

LKB Consulting, LLC

1629 K St., NW, Suite 300

Washington, DC 20006

Alternatively, electronic communication should be submitted to lenz@lenzbayas.com.

  1. Intellectual Property

Any and all thoughts, ideas, suggestions, advice, insights, writings, responses, musings, or any other material that constitutes and is collectively described as ("intellectual property") are owned and fully retained by LKB Consulting, LLC and its member representative. Falling under the banner of intellectual property, all content and material on the website protected by copyright, trademark, and intellectual property laws of the United States of America as well as any such representative international laws or conventions. As such, you are not allowed to copy, imitate, use, or display them without the express written consent of LKB Consulting, LLC. Such requests should be addressed to LKB Consulting, LLC solely in writing, meaning that oral agreements do not constitute a valid means by which to copy, imitate, use, or display LKB Consulting, LLC's intellectual property, irregardless of the form or fashion from which such an agreement is made and irregardles of the extent to which such activities constitute direct or indirect commercial use.

LKB Consulting, LLC retains all full rights and privileges to its intellectual property up to and including derivative content or works that come about from reference to or use of LKB Consulting, LLC's intellectual property. You are allowed personal, non-commercial use of the intellectual property contained herein for your sole use, enjoyment, and benefit. In that vein, you agree not to use Services for any other activity or endeavor contrary to its original, intended purpose.

  1. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the District of Columbia and the United States of America. You provide your express consent that such laws and their appropriate governing bodies shall retain exclusive judicial authority to resolve any claim, controversy, dispute, disagreement, or misunderstanding brought about from the Terms and Conditions outlined in this Agreement.

  1. Termination

LKB Consulting, LLC holds at its sole discretion to suspend or terminate this Agreement at any time by providing you with advance notice as is reasonably appropriate and warranted. LKB Consulting, LLC is ultimately not obligated to provide you with advance notice of said suspension or termination of its Services as outlined in this Agreement.

  1. Contact

If you have any questions concerning the nature of this Agreement, please contact LKB Consulting, LLC at lenz@lenzbayas.com, or at:

LKB Consulting, LLC

1629 K St., NW, Suite 300

Washington, DC 20006

This Agreement is effective as of December 23, 2022.