About Me

A professional head shot of me, the website author, wearing a shirt, tie, and blazer.

I'm a human and organizational performance consultant who partners with senior leaders to bring about meaningful business results. I do this by simultaneously focusing on individual and organizational performance to realize the greatest gains possible. 

A common theme throughout my career is helping others to be the best version of themselves, with much of my work centering on bringing about some future, desired outcome. I rely on my big picture, systems thinking and curiosity to connect all the dots in ways that are both actionable and meaningful. (I knew that a philosophy degree would come in handy). The end result is bringing about performance outcomes that make a measurable difference for organizations. 

I don't have a specific industry I focus on, instead deciding to specialize in human & organizational performance. While I do become familiar with each industry I work in, I rely on my clients' industry expertise. This is why partnership and collaboration is a key component of how I work. I ask lots of questions, which I've found to be powerful and meaningful when tackling organizational performance issues. If you appreciate actively pushing your thinking in useful, strategic directions, it'll be a pleasure to work with you. 

Beyond my professional life...

Beyond my professional profile, I can often be found cooking with my wife Rachel, playing my piano, or tapping out traditional Haitian rhythms on my hand drum. 

I'm bilingual and bicultural, speaking Haitian Creole in addition to English. While it  shares a lot of vocabulary with French, is a language in and of its own right. My bilingualism and biculturalism play a major part in my ability to see things from a wide variety of perspectives and vantage points, which has proven instrumental in my current work. 

A painting depicting life in the rural, Haitian countryside. Includes small houses, a young boy climbing a coconut tree, and a man and woman working.