How I Work


I've found the best outcomes come from working together on the business results you're trying to achieve. This means assuming join ownership, committing necessary time and resources, and being engaged for the duration of our assignment. 

Using evidence-based approaches

This means drawing from trustworthy research, collecting & analyzing data, and drawing conclusions based on that data. In doing so, I ensure that the recommendations made and solutions proposed are valid, reliable, and defensible. 

Being solution neutral

I'm interested in the business results you're looking to achieve and the performance challenges impacting those results. Remaining solution neutral is a great way to keep an open mind, focus on the data, and propose solutions that will lead to the intended results.  

Aligning solutions with organizational goals

Business results come about by aligning solutions to organizational goals. With a keen eye towards performance, I ensure whatever solution is being proposed is tied to those intended business results. 

Making recommendations that produce valued results

Our initial conversations will ensure our time together is worth it and well spent, and the recommendations proposed represent actionable insights your organization can put into practice. 

Being a thought partner

I'll work with you as a thought partner, sounding board, and peer, enabling you to uncover what's helping or hindering performance in your organization. In doing so, you'll be able to make more informed decisions to enhance your organization's performance

Remaining industry agnostic

I don't focus on a particular industry, instead deciding to specialize in human & organizational performance. I expect to rely on your industry expertise. What you'll get in return is me sharing mine, which is a win-win. 

Sounds like a match? Let's chat.